Header Artwork

Torres Strait Islander News & Media Issues would like to thank Artist Jason Etheridge "JJ" for the utilisation of his artwork on the Header of Torres Jason Etheridge "JJ"Strait Islander News & Media Issues.

These Images are available from Doddy Worx Pty Ltd, on the Culcha Disc Australian Indigenous Images Vol.1. by P. Dodd (1999)

The CD Rom may be purchased from Keeaira Press. An order form is available on the Keeaira Press website.
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"JJ was born in the Sydney Women's Hospital in 1972, and feels that having a combined background of Torres Strait Islander from his mother's side, and West Indian from his father's side, has given him a broader understanding of Indigenous lifestyles.

As such his art reflects the spiritual and practical knowledge he has received from his Indigenous roots and practical life experience.

Although the majority of JJ's artworks contained on the Culcha Disc are cartoons, JJ is also an established contemporary artist on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia where he now resides.